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News: County-wide survey takes place

Your help is needed to improve the quality of life right here in McHenry County. One in 13 homes – maybe yours – will have a unique opportunity to help plan services in our community. A household survey arrives in mailboxes around May 15 to 8,000 McHenry County homes chosen at random, by zip code.

The purpose is to gather feedback on services you like and don’t like, services you want for your family plus your opinion on topics such as healthcare, transportation, social services, employment and land use.

The survey is brought to you by the “Partnership for a Healthier McHenry County.”  Who is that? They represent 19 local organizations (healthcare, government, social services, parks and recreation, education, philanthropic and environmental entities) that will use the results to guide community planning efforts to meet local needs and future growth. It doesn’t cost anything to mail it back and there is no way to trace responses back to you.

Answers will be combined with other responses to understand local viewpoints. This summer, they will also conduct focus groups with residents who currently use community services. In the fall, they will interview business leaders and local service providers for their ideas and opinions.

Everyone is encouraged to complete the survey whether they use services or not. The results will be presented at a public meeting at McHenry County College early next year and you’re all invited to attend.

If you have questions or need help filling out the survey, call Health Systems Research toll-free at 1 (800) 854-4461. Assistance for Spanish speaking residents is also available.