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News: Break Your Boundaries with weight loss program in 2013

Centegra Health System’s popular Break Your Boundaries contest will return in 2013 for regional businesses, community members and Centegra associates. This eight-week weight-loss challenge combines nutrition, exercise and behavior modification as a means to achieve a healthy lifestyle and weight loss goals. The challenge will be from January through April 2013.

“Break Your Boundaries provides participants the perfect way to kick start better health habits,” said Celine Pope, wellness manager with Centegra Health System. “Friendly competition pushes people to work even harder to accomplish their weight-loss goals.”

Local employers, Centegra Health System associates, spouses, significant others and community members may participate in this challenge in many ways. The first is through an employer who offers Break Your Boundaries as a supplement to an employee wellness program or as a health benefit. Centegra Health System worksite wellness specialists will go onsite to local companies to help employees weigh in, to provide materials and to motivate employees. Wellness specialists provide tools so employees can stay focused on weight loss. Local employees will compete against other employees participating from different companies.

A second level challenges Centegra associates in their own Break Your Boundaries competition, which will help them continue to strive toward overall healthy lifestyles. Hospital and Centegra Physician Care associates will challenge each other by competing in teams or as individuals.

The final level is for community members or Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center members who want to compete against other community residents for the big prizes. Community residents and Health Bridge members may register at Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center locations in Crystal Lake and Huntley.

Participation in the program can be as an individual or on a team of four. There is a two male limit per team. Winnings are determined by an accumulated score of percentage of weight lost, inches lost, exercise points, food log points and education points. Prizes include $1,000 for the first-place male and female, $500 for the second-place male and female, and $250 for the third-place male and female. The first-place team will receive $200 per person, the second-place team will receive $150 per person and the third-place team will receive $100 per person. Prize award amounts are subject to tax.

To register for the program through an employer, contact the Centegra Health System worksite wellness department at 815-788-2256. Community and Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Center participants may register by calling 815-444-2900.