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William A. Stinson, MD

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William Stinson

Internal Medicine

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Internal Medicine

American Board of Internal Medicine



University of Illinois at Peoria


Medical College of Wisconsin


Medical College of Wisconsin
Internal Medicine

Chief Medical Resident

Medical College of Wisconsin
Internal Medicine

William Stinson, MD, is board certified in internal medicine and strives to provide the highest quality medical care and to communicate to his patients in an understandable manner. He believes in working with his patients and partnering with them to make the right decisions of their health.

Dr. Stinson received his bachelor’s degree of science-chemistry and his medical degree from University of Illinois-Peoria. He completed his residency and chief residency at the Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals and was ambulatory chief resident.

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Thank You William A. Stinson, MD

jim schad says:

Was with my previous physician for decades until his practice was taken over by Advocate Sherman. The changes and what I found as a block against doctor-patient relationship caused me to change to Dr. Stinson.

If one can judge a physician and/or his practice after only having your first contact or appointment, then I believe that I won’t have to continue looking for a replacement. My experience spans back to when doctors made “house calls” so it could be said that I have had enough experience to make a few judgments and also fall into the category of not being easy to please.

It was easy to make my first appointment and I found the staff to be professional and easy to communicate with regarding the transition to a new physician. After this first appointment I believe things will be as good if not better than it use to be with the previous doctor. The combination of instilling confidence while still being “down to earth” is not what I believe are common traits in the medical profession.

This dinosaur would recommend Dr. Stinson to anyone looking for a physician.

Kelly Maloney says:

I just wanted to Thank You For Referring Us to Dr. Bugno, He is giving us some hope, Tom is staying Strong
Thanks Again
We are very Happy that we Found Such A Terrific Physician! Your The BOMB!

Sincerely Yours
Thomas & Kelly Maloney

Cynthia Wallace says:

I have had contact with you, Doc, for over four years now. You took care of my father as he declined due to Alzheimer’s and passed away. During that time, my mother chose to have you for her doctor based on the wonderful care you gave Dad. I have participated in the medical issues of my parents and have been astounded by your marvelous demeanor and treatment each time. You treat people with respect, listening to all concerns and then dispensing advice in a down to earth manner. You are a real guy who happens to be a doctor. I too have chosen to have you for my doctor. If I ever have to wait for you to come to the exam room, I will not be impatient in the least. I know you are taking really good care of the patient before me. You are not one to push patients in and out in ten minutes. I have seen how you give time to everyone. I am willing to wait for your wonderful care. Don’t ever change!

Julie Gale says:

I saw Dr. Stinson for the first time yesterday and he spent so much time with me, went over my labs and x-rays, my medication list and history, and recommended an iniitially conservative course of action! Dr. Stinson looked at me as a whole person and recommended and even demonstrated gentle stretches I could do on my own! I have already recommended him to the rest of my family and my mom is helping me spread the world because she was there at the appointment and saw how well-rounded, intelligent and caring he is.

Bill Muilkens says:

Thank you for all of the care and guidance you have provided to me through my changing health conditions.

Tracey says:

I am so happy you joined Centegra, I feel very blessed to have you for my physician! You are an amazing caring doctor! You are a wonderful person too, very easy to talk to and approach you with any concern, you have your own unique way of answering questions making it easy to understand.

The Lewke Family says:

Hi Doc….

Just wanted to say “thank you” again for the amazing care you gave to my daughter(and my husband). I am still astounded at the amount of time you spent with her and that you actually spoke “to” her and treated her not only as a person even though she is 15. I could not believe it when you busted out a book and showed her pictures and explained in detail what you thought was going on…. You offered several options and could see that she was pretty concerned about what was going on….

I only wish there were more Dr.’s like you around.

Thanks again and please continue to “do what you do”.

Centegra is lucky to have you.

THANK YOU for all that you do and bring to your patients.

The Lewke Family

Gail M Albers says:

Thank you, Dr. Stinson for taking care of my husband Earl. He speaks highly of you and believe me he is not always an easy guy to please. Thanks again, Gail

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