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Blog: Top five lessons your kids can learn from the winter games

Family watching Olympics
  1. Hard work pays off. While the most elite athletes have often been blessed with enormous amounts of talent, every athlete in the winter games has one thing in common: practice, practice, practice. Maybe your son wants to be a premier violinist. Maybe your daughter wants to be a weightlifter. Teach your child to set a goal and to develop a plan that embraces passion and practice.
  2. The importance of health and wellness. The winter games reflect the beauty of an active lifestyle. These athletes radiate the confidence that comes from having a strong body and a solid self-image.
  3. The agony of defeat. In today’s world, children are insulated from the feeling of loss. The winter games show us that not only should we win with grace, we should learn to lose with dignity. Sometimes the lesson isn’t in the gold medal, it’s about picking yourself back up, dusting off the snow and ice and trying again.
  4. We are all part of a bigger world. The winter games draw athletes and spectators from around the globe. And even though it’s a fierce competition, the games celebrate similarities instead of highlighting differences. No matter their backgrounds or politics, the athletes come together in the pursuit of their dreams. Help your child recognize that people are more alike than different and that being a good global citizen is important.
  5. Character counts. Just like biathlete Tracy Barnes, who gave up her team spot to her twin, Lanny Barnes, in life we all have opportunities to do the right thing. Teach your child to trust his inner voice – the one that tells him to help another person, to think of others and to root for the underdog. It will be one of the most important lessons you can share.