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Blog: Peripheral Artery Disease and Diamondback Procedure

Do you feel cramping, pain or heaviness in your legs when you walk? If you have experienced this discomfort, you may have Peripheral Artery Disease, or PAD.PAD is the narrowing of the arteries that provide blood to your pelvis and legs. It causes leg pain, slow-healing wounds and the limb may feel colder than the rest of the body.New technology at Centegra Health System helps surgeons reduce calcium and plaque buildup in the peripheral arteries. During the minimally invasive procedure, the physician gently guides a catheter into the patient’s calcified artery. A tiny device spins and sands plaque from the inside of the artery, lessening the blockage and allowing greater blood flow. The sanded particles are then excreted from the body.Talk to your doctor about Peripheral Artery Disease. To find a physician near you, call 877.CENTEGRA.