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Blog: Pediatric Speech and Feeding Therapy

Sometimes infants and children have problems nursing, drinking from bottles, eating or expressing their needs. If your child struggles with any of these areas, ask for help. I’m Dana Conway, a pediatric speech therapist with Centegra Health System. I treat all types of speech disorders and specialize in feeding therapy of children from birth to age three.Starting at birth, some infants struggle to eat well. A baby may have reflux, or may not be gaining enough weight for undetermined reasons. Older children may seem picky when they are actually struggling to eat solid foods. These problems can be difficult for parents to understand because it can be very emotional when a child won’t eat. Pediatric speech therapists evaluate a child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a personalized treatment plan. We work with parents to help children meet their feeding as well as their speech and language goals.To make an appointment or for more information, call (815) 334-3841.