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Blog: Pediatric Ear Infections

Each year, I see hundreds of children who are suffering from middle ear infections.Ear infections often follow colds or other upper respiratory illnesses. The symptoms of an ear infection are more crying than usual, especially when a child is lying down, and trouble sleeping or hearing. A child may have a fever or a headache and there may be fluid coming out of his ears. If a cold wakes your child at night or lasts for more than 10 days, call your child’s doctor.Most ear infections resolve on their own without treatment with antibiotics. Treatment with ibuprofen, acetaminophen, warm washcloths or numbing drops may lessen ear pain while the body’s immune system clears up the infection. Your child’s doctor will explain the best way to treat an ear infection and the pain it causes.For more information or to make an appointment with a Centegra Primary Care pediatrician, call 815.338.6600.