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Healthier You

For Seniors: You Can Beat the Heat

After age 65, your body can't adjust to changes in air temperature — especially heat — as quickly as it did when you were younger. That puts you at risk for heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses. You also may be at greater risk for heat stroke if you have a chronic read more

McHenry County Healthy Community Survey

Centegra Health System encourages community members to participate in the 2016 McHenry County Healthy Community Survey. This anonymous online survey, which is available through Aug. 7, asks residents to share their health concerns and thoughts about health care in McHenry County. The survey serves as Centegra Health System’s Community Health Needs Assessment. The results of read more

New Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease

No magic spell can prevent the devastating effects of Alzheimer's disease on memory and thinking. And scientists have yet to find a pill that can cure it. But positive news is out there: Research is shedding light on ways to cut risk, and treatments are making life easier and more manageable read more

Mole Checks

Malignant melanoma is a serious form of skin cancer that is more treatable when caught early. The best way to catch skin cancer is to see a dermatologist for regular skin exams and to perform monthly self-exams to look for changes in your skin moles. To perform the exam, stand in front read more

Enjoy Summer Produce with Fresh Tomato Sauce

Transform those ripe summer tomatoes into a savory sauce that works with everything from pasta to casseroles. Tomatoes are packed with vitamins A, C and lycopene, a powerful antioxidant that may help protect against prostate cancer. Onions, garlic and fresh herbs balance out the sweet flavor of plum tomatoes. Once read more

A Common Plastic Comes Under Scrutiny

Polycarbonate plastic is long-lasting, impact-resistant, and clear, making it a perfect material for baby bottles, refillable water bottles, sippy cups, and many other food and beverage containers. It is also found in eyeglass lenses, compact discs, dental sealants, and plastic dinnerware. And, as a resin, it forms the protective lining read more

In the Campground: Staying Safe

Summer is the time for families to head for the hills and forests. Planning ahead and being safety-conscious while in the wild can keep everyone safe and secure. The following are suggestions from the American Red Cross to keep in mind before your next trip: Before you go Understand your limitations. If read more

Faceoff Water vs. Sports Drinks

When it comes to deciding which beverage is best for hydration it is important to take into account the intensity and duration of the activity. Sports drinks are intended for athletes who engage in a high- intensity activity for more than 60 minutes. Water is more appropriate for light or read more

Why Children Get Carsick—and What to Do

Motion sickness is common, especially in children. But what causes it is only partly understood, and why some children have it and others do not is unknown. Carsickness isn't really about the car. It's about the brain's ability to interpret a message based on what it senses. Normally, the eyes, ears, and joints read more

How to Map Out a Safe Vacation

If you're going on vacation—whether to cruise the Greek islands or visit your grandchildren in Maine—a little planning goes a long way. Although we all enjoy a bit of excitement on vacation, most of us don't like unexpected surprises. By thinking ahead and planning for your vacation before you go, read more