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Healthier You

Reduce Stress with this Guided Meditation

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Just a few minutes of meditation can help your heart by lowering your stress levels and boosting your mood. Centegra expert Shira Greenfield, a licensed clinical professional counselor, guides you through a brief meditation to help you regain focus and relax. Click below to hear the guided meditation. Centegra has counseling services read more

Top At-Home Exercises Our Trainers Love


Circuit-type training develops and improves mobility, strength and endurance. This type of training can be done at home and requires minimal equipment. It is appropriate training for most sports and can be adjusted for age, fitness level and health status. It consists of simple, easy to do exercises. There are read more

What to Look for in a Workout App

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In this day and age of mobile phones and connectivity, finding the right workout app can be more challenging than rewarding. Once you find the right app, it can be even more difficult to establish a habit of consistently using technology to help you meet your fitness goals. If you’re trying to read more

Greek vs Regular Yogurt

Centegra Faceoff Greek Yogurt

The options in the yogurt aisle have increased greatly over the years, with Greek yogurt taking as much space on the shelves as the regular stuff. So what’s the difference between the two and which one should you buy? When making yogurt, the process starts out the same, except to read more

How Much Do You Know About Healthy Cooking?

Woman healthy cooking in the kitchen

Take the healthy cooking quiz 1. True or false: Grilling meat releases potentially cancer-causing chemicals into your food. A: True B: False 2. Kale and spinach are the only vegetables with antioxidant levels as high as which of these fruits? A: Apples B: Berries C: Cherries D: Oranges 3. How many ounces of protein do adults need every day? A: 5 ounces B: 6 ounces C: The read more

Stevia vs Aspartame

aspartame and stevia

  As you have probably seen, the market is booming with sugar substitute—aspartame and the newer stevia being two of them. Aspartame is an FDA-approved artificial sweetener that is 200 times sweeter than sugar and used in most diet products, especially sodas. It can also be found under the name Nutrasweet read more

Is Your Teen Ready for Winter Driving?

Winter Driving - Curvy Snowy Country Road

Driver's ED 101: Winter Driving Edition Navigating icy, snowy conditions can be especially difficult for teens who are mastering the rules of the road. Before you hand over the keys, have a talk about winter driving. In addition to everyday safety tips such as always wearing a seat belt and stashing cell phones read more

SMART Goals for 2016

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When making changes, most of us have plans to make this time better than the last. But often people fall back into their old habits and don’t achieve the goal they set out to reach. Here are a few tips to help you stick to and achieve your goals for read more

Rest Easy As You Age

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Sleep, as the National Sleep Foundation says, should be treated as an account: It needs to be constantly maintained with deposits, and the withdrawals matter. “The common belief that those 55 and older need less sleep is really jus t a myth,” said Lindsay Esch, MD, an internal medicine physician with Centegra read more

What is causing my leg pain?

Acute pain in a woman calf

Leg pain causes are not always obvious, but that does not mean you should ignore your symptoms. Many leg pain causes are treatable with the right actions. People that are older than 50 years of age and are diabetics, smokers or have high blood pressure or cholesterol are at increased risk read more