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Healthier You

Scoping Out Sunglasses

Sunglasses Realistic Set

You may think we wear sunglasses for comfort and fashion. But here's another important reason to wear sunglasses—to protect the health of your eyes. If you spend long hours in the sun without protection, you increase your exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV is an invisible form of radiation from sunlight. read more

Help for Tension Headaches

woman is frustrated

Almost everyone has a tension headache from time to time. These headaches do not have an underlying cause. The main symptom of a tension headache is a sense of tightness around the head. Neck and shoulder muscles often become tight and sore to the touch. This contributes to the intensity of a read more

Faceoff: White Potatoes vs Sweet Potatoes

Faceoff white potato vs sweet potato

White potatoes and sweet potatoes can both be healthy additions to a well-balanced diet. They are naturally low in fat and calories and high in fiber and potassium. Fiber helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. Foods high in read more

Pool Safety Tips


With the summer season fast approaching, families should be aware of important pool and water safety concerns. Drowning is the leading cause of accidental death in children between the ages of 1 and 4 in the United States. Drownings are silent and can happen in an instant. Pool safety should read more

Should You be Stretching Your Hip Flexors?

Woman doing lunges outside

One of the most common stretches people execute on the fitness floor is the “hip flexor stretch.” This is becoming an increasingly common stretch, because people read about it in fitness articles or are instructed by a trainer or physical therapist to incorporate it into routine workouts. The recommendation spans from read more

Tips to Be Sodium-Savvy


It's no secret that most Americans are consuming too much sodium. The average American gets about 3,500mg of sodium a day. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommends limiting sodium to less than 2,300mg a day or 1,500 mg if you are 51 and older, have high blood pressure, diabetes or read more

Faceoff: Milk vs Dark Chocolate

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 4.07.54 PM

There is no question that dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. However, all chocolate can be high in calories, fat and sugar. Dark chocolate does have some health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory properties that help to lower the risk of cardiovascular problems as well as blood pressure read more

Healthy Eating on a Budget

Various vegetables and fruits on display in grocery store

It can be difficult to consume a healthy diet, and even more challenging following a budget, but eating foods high in nutritional value and cutting costs does not need to be mutually exclusive. Some of the most budget-friendly foods are loaded with nutritional value and can easily help your waist read more

Welcome Spring By Coloring Your Plate


Eat away those winter blues by filling your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables. Not only are they a great source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, they also will provide your body with powerful antioxidants. It is important to eat a variety of colors, because often each color is associated read more