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Blog: Manage Holiday Stress

Buying. Wrapping. Cooking. Traveling. Do you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list?Enjoy this time of year by using these tips to manage your holiday stress.Make sure you eat well and get adequate sleep and exercise. Rest and movement are great stress relievers at any time of year and they also protect you against illness.Take time to pinpoint the things that worry you most during the holidays. Maybe you are concerned about finances, a family conflict, or you miss a loved one. Acknowledging your feelings and asking others for support will help you remember you’re not alone.Commit to being relaxed during the holidays rather than being perfect. When you feel anxious, take 15 minutes to refresh yourself by breathing deeply and clearing your mind.Happy Holidays from Centegra Health System. If you need support during the holidays, please call Centegra Behavioral Health at 800.765.9999.