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Blog: Benefits of Meditation

The benefits of Meditation are well documented. Its healing effects impact both the mind and the body.Simple meditative techniques decrease heart rate, reduce muscle tension and improve mental focus.Find a place where you can sit comfortably and quietly. Close your eyes. Let your body sink into the chair and begin to breathe more slowly and deeply. Observe how your body relaxes. Be patient with yourself as you begin this practice. As you breathe in slowly, imagine you are bringing the things you want into your life – such as peace or contentment. As you breathe out, imagine you are letting go of those things that are harmful to the body such as physical tension and stress. Continue to focus on your breath and notice how your body feels in this relaxed state.When you are ready, open your eyes and let your thoughts slowly drift back to the present with renewed energy.For more information about stress management, yoga and other classes, call 877.CENTEGRA.