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Blog: Anxiety

If you have ever been nervous before an important meeting or have worried about your sick child, you have experienced anxiety. For most people, anxiety’s effects make them temporarily more alert or cautious. However for others, anxiety can become a chronic condition that should be treated by a physician.

When a person’s anxiety is not well controlled, the brain causes her or him to feel fear or dread for no particular reason. When a person has irrational or ongoing fears, panic attacks or phobias that interfere with daily life, it’s time to talk to a doctor about ways to treat anxiety.Some people respond well when they use relaxation techniques, eliminate caffeine, get enough sleep, exercise and avoid alcohol. Other people may benefit from therapy and prescription medication to control their anxiety disorders.

If you or a loved one are struggling to cope with anxiety, talk to your physician. To find out about the Behavioral Health Services offered at Centegra call 800.765.9999 or to find a physician near you, call 877.CENTEGRA.