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Ablation for Heavy Periods

Many women begin to experience heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding in their 30s and 40s as they approach menopause. Heavy periods not only affect women’s emotions and social lives – they can also cause women to feel tired and nauseous, and to suffer from headaches and bad cramps. If you are sure you do not want to have any children in the future, endometrial ablation may be right for you. This simple in-office procedure reduces or stops bleeding for 90 percent of women. During the five-minute procedure, a physician gently removes the lining of the uterus, which is the part that causes the bleeding. It’s fast, less invasive than a hysterectomy and involves no hormone therapy. Most women feel little to no pain during this quick process. Talk to your doctor about whether endometrial ablation is right for you. To find a Centegra Physician Care doctor, call 815-338-6600.