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Healthier You

Faceoff: Diet vs. Exercise

When it comes to losing weight, it is much easier to cut back on calories than it is to burn the same amount of calories. Weight loss is achieved through consuming less calories than you burn during activity. A pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories and an average read more

Is it a cold or the flu?

Lindsay Esch, MD, of Centegra Physician Care explains that the flu is an upper respiratory infection, which occurs most often during the winter months and begins quickly. Flu symptoms include a sore throat and high fever followed by a cough, severe fatigue and loss of appetite. A cold may have similar read more

Navigating New Insurance

Guaranteed medical coverage by Jan. 1, 2017, required enrollment in a medical insurance plan by Dec. 19, 2016, either through a job-based plan or the Health Insurance Marketplace. Now that the New Year has arrived, here’s what you need to know and understand about the requirements of your heath plan coverage. read more

Simple Snow Shoveling Tips

Every year, Centegra’s orthopedic team treats patients who injure their shoulders and rotator cuffs while shoveling snow. Arm yourself with these three tips to protect your shoulders from injuries this winter. Before you head outside, warm up by stretching your upper body. Reach across your body to your opposite shoulder and gently read more

Massage Therapy Benefits

Why get regular massage therapy? Compare the reason to weight management. You can’t manage your weight by eating right and exercising only once or twice. The same goes for massage therapy. It should become part of everyone’s wellness routine and should be viewed more like preventive maintenance rather than “just read more

Reflect On Reflexes

What happens when your health care provider taps on your knee with a rubber mallet? Your leg kicks forward, seemingly on its own. In a sense, your leg has a mind of its own ‑- in your spinal cord. When the mallet hits your knee, the tendon just below the kneecap read more

Top Five Cardiac Nutrition Myths Debunked

Here are the top myths Centegra dietitians hear from patients and the most current heart-healthy recommendations. Don’t eat eggs (or shrimp or shellfish) Patients are always excited to learn they can eat eggs. When looking at cholesterol levels, it’s the LDL (bad) cholesterol to keep low and the HDL (good) cholesterol to read more

The Value of a Second Opinion

When your health care provider recommends surgery or a major procedure or treatment, it's smart to get a second opinion from another expert. But, how do you know a second opinion is in order? And how do you go about getting one? Here are some answers to these and other read more

Cheers To Healthy Holiday Drinks

Change your beverages for weight management this holiday season The holiday season is here. If your goal is to maintain or lose weight over the next six to eight weeks, being aware of the calorie content of the beverages you drink can help. Soda pop, coffee drinks, eggnog, party punches, fruit juice read more