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The tragedy of Robin Williams’ death by suicide has had a profound effect on so many. People are becoming increasingly ...READ MORE

Sep 02, 2014

Centegra Hospital-Huntley

We are very excited to say the project is on time and is about 10 percent complete. So far, we have ...READ MORE

Jul 30, 2014


The latest issue of HealthToday has been released. Scroll down to read the e-edition of the magazine. 

Jul 24, 2014

Light Bulb

Do you use a cell phone? How about a radio? Have you ever screwed in a light bulb or had ...READ MORE

May 30, 2014

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Technicians, equipment part of mobile health unit service CRYSTAL LAKE — Vascular disease is among the leading causes of death in ...READ MORE

Sep 29, 2014

179695240 OCTOBER

Mammo Mondays continue in October McHENRY — Centegra Health System’s nationally recognized breast health program recognizes the importance of early ...READ MORE

Sep 19, 2014



Jul 19, 2013

Health Today


When stroke strikes, the first need is for speed. Fast action can save brain tissue, reduce disability and enhance  recovery. As ...READ MORE

Jun 05, 2014

heart image

When you’re a little hazy about how many heart procedures you’ve had, you’ve probably had a lot. Just ask Douglas ...READ MORE

Apr 17, 2014

heart month

On Oct. 4, the milestone 1,000th cardiac surgery was performed at Centegra Hospital–McHenry. The cardiac surgery team, led by Thomas ...READ MORE

Feb 03, 2014

hip replacement

Is it possible to take a surgery that’s already remarkably effective, even life changing, and improve on it? Absolutely. Case ...READ MORE

Jan 20, 2014