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7 of Hearts

Stay ahead of heart disease by talking to your doctor about your heart health. By having open conversations with your ...READ MORE

Dec 12, 2014


Because of the significant rise in cases of influenza and flu-related illness in our community, Centegra is implementing the Influenza ...READ MORE

Dec 05, 2014

CT Lung Physician & Chart

In the year since Centegra began to offer free low-dose CT lung screenings, more than 850 community members have taken advantage ...READ MORE

Nov 19, 2014


It’s time to #GetCovered! Health insurance open enrollment is coming Nov. 15 and now is the time to get prepared. ...READ MORE

Nov 19, 2014

Press Releases


For the second year in a row, Centegra Hospital-McHenry and Centegra Hospital-Woodstock have received “A” Hospital Safety Scores from the Leapfrog Group. The ...READ MORE

Dec 16, 2014

Centegra Hospital-McHenry (top) and Centegra Hospital-Woodstock (bottom)

Chief medical officer cites significant rise in number of patients with flu as reason Centegra Hospital-McHenry and Centegra Hospital-Woodstock will implement ...READ MORE

Dec 05, 2014



Jul 19, 2013

Health Today


When stroke strikes, the first need is for speed. Fast action can save brain tissue, reduce disability and enhance  recovery. As ...READ MORE

Jun 05, 2014

heart image

When you’re a little hazy about how many heart procedures you’ve had, you’ve probably had a lot. Just ask Douglas ...READ MORE

Apr 17, 2014

heart month

On Oct. 4, the milestone 1,000th cardiac surgery was performed at Centegra Hospital–McHenry. The cardiac surgery team, led by Thomas ...READ MORE

Feb 03, 2014

hip replacement

Is it possible to take a surgery that’s already remarkably effective, even life changing, and improve on it? Absolutely. Case ...READ MORE

Jan 20, 2014