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McHenry County Healthy Community Study

McHenry CountyThe “health” of a community extends far beyond the traditional view focused on select health measures and availability of medical resources.  Rather, a healthy community encompasses a broad range of community characteristics that define the ingredients of a healthy place to live.  With this vision in mind, every four years a McHenry County Healthy Community Study is conducted with the intent to understand and address the county’s most pressing needs, involving partners from diverse organizations, in order to improve the health of County residents.

A thorough understanding of the County’s health was measured using four assessments – each from a different perspective including residents, populations in need of services, community leaders, and descriptors using secondary data sources.  Through the assessments, knowledge was gained about the current health status of county residents, demographic trends, social and economic indicators, health behaviors, and utilization of health services.  The assessments also attempted to understand the perceptions of community strengths and weaknesses as well as answer questions about the health and human services delivery system, unmet needs, gaps, and barriers to care.

Assessment Downloads

2014 Healthy Community Study

2010 Healthy Community Study
2006 Healthy Community Study

Centegra Health System conducted the study in partnership with other area organizations.