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In the early days of the 20th century, there were several small practice hospitals in Woodstock. In 1914, a group of physicians obtained a charter for a hospital in the home and office of Dr. Hyde West. The success of this hospital was such that a second hospital was built on South Street in the city. This hospital, which was named Woodstock Memorial Hospital, continues at present to provide extended care and other patient services as part of Centegra Health System.


In 1956, Dr. Lee Gladstone built a clinic on Green Street in the city of McHenry. The first and second floor included an emergency room, operating room, reception areas and offices for outpatient physician care. The ground floor provided 22 beds for new born, pediatric and adult patients. A McHenry Hospital addition was soon built near the clinic on Waukegan Avenue. With the rapid growth of population, a new McHenry Hospital was built in 1984 on Route 31 and Bull Valley Road and was named Northern Illinois Medical Center.

Two City Hospitals into One Area Complex

In the early 1990s, health planners in McHenry County recognized the need to coordinate medical services for the growing health needs of the area. The new health system centered on patient care and integrated health care facilities in the region. Thus was born Centegra Health System, a healthcare system focusing on patient service and integrated compassionate care with modern technology. In 1995, a new Woodstock Hospital was built on Route 14 and Doty Road. It was named Memorial Medical Center.

Today and Tomorrow

Centegra Health System has been a leader in innovative medical treatment combined with understanding and compassionate patient care. Centegra provides the McHenry County area with:

  • Two Immediate Care Centers located in Crystal Lake and Huntley
  • Centegra Health Bridge Fitness Centers in Huntley and Crystal Lake
  • Centegra Gavers Breast Center in Crystal Lake
  • Multiple Physician Care locations in McHenry County

Today, Centegra is McHenry County’s largest employer with 4,000 Associates and 500 volunteers. Centegra will continue to grow and expand, ensuring the community with quality healthcare today and continuing into the future. Our patients are at the center of the community we serve and our Associates are essential to the care we deliver. Our services are based upon a tradition of quality care, which has been established at both Memorial Medical Center in Woodstock, and Northern Illinois Medical Center the McHenry.

What does the name Centegra stand for?

Cent: Center, Central: Centegra is the center of healthcare for the communities we serve. Our patients are at the center of all we do. Our Associates are at the center of the care we deliver.

–tegra: Integrity, Integral, Integrated: We approach all we do with integrity and concern for our patients and customers. We want Centegra to be an integral part of preserving and improving the health of the communities we serve. Centegra is an integrated healthcare provider, built upon the tradition of quality care services established at both Memorial Medical Center and Northern Illinois Medical Center.

Throwback Thursday #TBT

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